So why Gifts for Giving?

I love making jewellery. For a few years I had upward of 24 shops stocking my creations. Gift shops come and go sadly and it made me think.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune problem called Transverse Myelitis. Little is known about it and I'm the lucky one. Many who have it are paralysed - I'm not and I'm thankful every day. Money is needed desperately to research and support this.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and again how lucky am I?. Quickly diagnosed and treated and the support, care and attention I got (and still get) can not be paralleled.  Thank you Stars Appeal of Salisbury Hospital for funding the magnificent Breast Care Unit.

My mother had sight problems. My daughter now does post doc research into macular degeneration funded by Gift for Sight in Southampton. Another very worthwhile cause close to my heart.

And for fun - why not? - Shaftesbury Town Silver Band. They give me the opportunity to make music (albeit very badly on my part!) and provide alot of fun and entertainment at local events, at the same time encouraging youngsters to play music and be involved. We desperately need a new band hall - so every little helps as they say.....

I am delighted that Susan and Tracey have now joined me in this venture.