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Gifts for Giving is about giving that special and often unique gift whilst at the same time supporting a charity.

We are a group of people inspired by designing, crafting, nature and a love of helping others.

The concept of the site is that a donation from each sale will go to a specified charity. We each have charities that mean a great deal to us for various reasons (more on 'About' if you're interested!) and we love the idea that whilst doing something  we enjoy we can also 'give back' and say thank you.

For every item sold a specified amount will be donated to charity.

For all sales of 'Sparkle' jewellery 50% will be donated to funds to build the Ray Humphries memorial hall in Shaftesbury. The band desperately needs a new hall and this is a fitting memorial to a very special man who gave so much both to the town and to the band.
Susan will also donate to the hall - amounts are specified on each product page.
Tracey will donate to Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal. Amounts are specified on each product page.

Buy something beautiful and help a charity at the same time - what could be better?!

As we are each responsible for our own sales and donations for the moment we are not able to offer online payments.  Please contact the relevant seller to make a purchase.

This site is very much work in progress. Please ask if you need more info.