My love of art started at a young age, as long as I can remember I have enjoyed drawing, painting, crafting and creating. Once I’d left school, as with many of us, life took over and art had to take a back seat. However my interest was never lost and as soon as I had any spare time I would enjoy getting out my paints and brushes to explore new techniques.


Although mainly self taught, I have attended a few art classes and groups which have expanded my interests, having started working mainly in watercolour, I now enjoy experimenting with other mediums including acrylic, oils, pastels and inks. I also enjoy mixed media, producing a variety of textures within a subject. I have had the chance to exhibit a few pieces in local art group exhibitions which is a lovely way to get non-biased feedback.


I have shared my pieces with friends and family, as well as completing a couple commissions in recent years, this also gives me a chance to push out of my comfort zone, having to think about specific requirements within a piece of work. I am inspired by the natural world around us, and love focusing on plants, textures, colours and open space.


When asked if I would like to join the ‘Gifts for Giving’ project, I felt very privileged that my friend of many years had thought of me. It has now given me another focus on how to present my work and to look at other ways of making it available.